The development of NuxtJS and its ecosystem is guided by an international team. We have a very active and engaged team that is constantly striving to push Nuxt forward.

Active Core Team Members

Sébastien Chopin

Creator @NuxtJS
Bordeaux, France

Alexandre Chopin

Design @NuxtJS
Bordeaux, France

Pooya Parsa (پویا پارسا)

Architect @NuxtJS
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clark Du (杜欣)

Core Expert @NuxtJS
Dublin, Ireland

Alexander Lichter

Community @NuxtJS
Dresden, Germany

Jonas Galvez

Creator @NuxtPress
Barretos, Brazil

Dmitry Molotkov (Дзмітрый Малаткоў)

Answer Machine @NuxtJS
Gomel, Belarus

Kevin Marrec

Creator @Nuxt TS
Rennes, France


Hacker @NuxtJS
The Netherlands