How to deploy with Surge?

Nuxt.js gives you the possibility to host your web application on any static hosting like Surge for example.

To deploy on Surge, first install it on your computer:

npm install -g surge

Then, we tell Nuxt.js to generate our web application:

npm run generate

It will create a dist folder with everything inside ready to be deployed on a static hosting.

We can then deploy it to Surge:

surge dist/

Done :)

If you have a project with dynamic routes, take a look at the generate configuration to tell Nuxt.js how to generate these dynamic routes if you are using Nuxt <= v2.12.

If you are using Nuxt >= 2.13 then a crawler has been installed tht will crawl your link tags and generate the dynamic routes based on these links when using the command nuxt build && nuxt export.

When generating your web application with nuxt generate, the context given to asyncData and fetch will not have req and res.


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